What is the application range of ah36 steel equivalent

What is the application range of ah36 steel equivalent

The advantage of plasma cutting is that it can cut thin plates, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals, and the cutting speed is fast. The disadvantage of plasma cutting is that the incision will have a slope, and there will be noise when cutting. The advantages of water jet cutting are wide cutting range and environmental protection, but the disadvantages of water jet cutting are slow cutting speed and high energy consumption. Do you know what is the best cutting method for AH36 steel equivalent?

The company's ESP thin gauge is down to 0.6mm. The thinner the thickness of the ah36 steel equivalent, hot rolled steel product, the more difficult it is to roll. The thickness will encounter increased load, severe vibration of the rolling mill, difficult shape control, and fluttering of the head during the downdraft. There are many problems such as difficulty in getting bite, which limit the thinnest size that can be rolled by hot rolling. At present, the thinnest gauge of conventional rolling line is 1.2mm, and the thinnest gauge of CSP production line is about 1.0mm. The successful rolling of 0.6mm hot rolled steel product is a milestone in hot rolled steel strip technology.

ah36 steel equivalent leading supplier in China 5.5*2570*8600, 8*2920*7000, 5.5*2490*7100, 5.5*3000*10000, 6*3000*7000, 6*2500*9000, 6*3000*8500, 8*2920*6400, 8*1290*12000, 8.5*2090*8760, 6*2860*8500, 6*2550*11100, 8*2920*6200, 6*3000*13000, 6.5*2200*8700, 6*3000*11000, 6*2690*9000, 8*1800*6400, 5.5*2570*7700, 6*2680*8400, 9*2100*10050, 8*1800*6400, 8*2800*8000, 10*2600*9500.

ah36 steel equivalent and so on marine engineering steels are suitable for various complex working conditions and harsh natural environment, and their service life is 50% higher than that of ordinary marine steel. Therefore, marine engineering steel is required to not only have high strength and high plasticity, good welding performance and seawater corrosion resistance, but also have good toughness, so as to ensure that steel and equipment can adapt to various loads and low temperature environment.

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