China steel manufacture supply ah36 grade steel stock products for you

China steel manufacture supply ah36 grade steel stock products for you

S355G7 material is a structural grade steel supplied to the offshore industry. The material can be delivered as normalised (N) or thermo-mechanically rolled (M). Supplied in accordance with EN10225:2001, the steel offers good tensile and yield strength. As an offshore steel grade, S355G7 offshore platform steel is used in a variety of applications including the building of offshore platforms.

Facing the new situation and facing new goals, the company revolves around the sixteen-character development policy of “prioritizing production preservation, society-oriented, market operation, and brand creation and efficiency”. Layout the country in accordance with the modern logistics model, and accelerate the establishment of a modern integrated steel enterprise integrating steel storage, transportation, processing, and distribution.

The types of steel plates are usually divided into three types: AH36 grade steel thick plates (above 6mm), medium-thick plates (3-6mm) and thin plates (below 3mm) according to their thickness. In terms of plate-making process, low-carbon steel plates can be divided into two types: cold-rolled and hot-rolled. Hot rolling alone can produce low-carbon steel plates of about 1.2mm and stainless steel plates of about 2mm. Thinner ah36 grade steel plates can be manufactured by cold rolling, annealing and tempering rolling.

The weldability of ah36 grade steel is good. It means that under certain process and construction conditions, ah36 grade steel can obtain good performance after welding. Weldability is a measure of the hot workability of steel. Weldability can be divided into weldability in construction and weldability in use. Weldability in construction refers to the sensitivity of cracking in weld metal and near seam zone, and hardening sensitivity of steel in near seam zone. Good weldability means that under certain welding process conditions, the weld metal and steel near the seam do not produce cracks. Weldability in use means that the mechanical properties of weld and HAZ steel are not lower than those of base metal.

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