What are the external factors affecting the strength of ah36 marine steel plate

What are the external factors affecting the strength of ah36 marine steel plate

BBNsteel prime quality thick plate AH36 marine steel plate product stock: 31*1640*6150, 34*1460*4550, 34*2420*7300, 26*2800*5300, 32.5*3050*7000, 32*1600*4000, 36*1300*4500, 35*1300*4100, 26*2990*6000, 37*1600*8600, 32*2650*5500, 33*2550*6000, 34*2120*6100, 36*1500*6000, 45*1300*4000, 32*3300*6000, 40*1590*8000, 33*1750*6000, 33*1750*6000, 50*1800*6000, 65*2000*6000.

Over the years, the company has trained a number of professional sales talents, enriched the concept of various marketing and customer service, and strengthened the business strength of the company. Now the company's business ah36 marine steel plate department, marketing department and information department constitute the market development network; the finance department, personnel department, logistics department, shipping department, document department and ah36 marine steel plate after-sales service department constitute the service customer network.

What is the difference between D36 and DH36? D36 and DH36 are just different marking methods of bai's classification societies, and they are both high-strength marine steels. D36 is the American standard, and DH36 is the international standard. Shipboard steel plates refer to hot-rolled steel plates produced in accordance with the requirements of the classification society construction rules for the manufacture of hull structures. Due to the harsh working environment of ships, the hull of the hull is subject to seawater chemical corrosion, electrochemical corrosion, marine organisms, and microorganisms.

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