The reduction of ah36 ship plate size export tax rebate rate

The reduction of ah36 ship plate size export tax rebate rate

The weight of the ship plate can be set according to the weight required by the ship, so that neither the weight of the ship nor the speed of operation will be affected. The price of AH36 ship plate size, medium and thick ship plates is determined according to the thickness and quality, which can be combined with the cost of shipbuilding to calculate the price, and then make a choice, so that it will not affect the cost of shipbuilding.

Preventive measures for ah36 ship plate size thick steel plate welding to prevent lamellar tearing, raw material control, requirements for Q345B steel S content≤0.04%, P content≤0.04%.In the process of re-inspection of raw materials, the content of S and P in steel plate should be strictly controlled, and the measured value of S and P content should be less than 1/2 of the standard requirements.

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